When I Saw Her, I Could Only Quietly Approach Her And Carry Her To The Car With Tears In My Eyes

“I just softly approached her, assisted her in getting into the car, and then I went home. The day after Eva’s blood work, I would take her to the vet.”

Eva had a good appetite and was in good health. We had made a time to see a specialist that day to check on her. The doctor did a full blood test and concluded that she was free of HW and erlichia. How could she not be able to move her legs when she was only anemic?

The doctor sadly delivered some unfavorable information. Eva was suffering from tremendous pain and had both of her legs paralyzed when we took her for X-rays the day prior. The technician discovered two injured vertebrae.

Considering what the vet said, “The harm was done, either by a person or a car. Following that, the orthopedic physician would determine whether or not she had a strong candidate for surgery.”

In an effort to lift her spirits, Eva received a significant dose of painkillers every day. Eva had made a full recovery and was doing great.

The bucket was so weak three weeks ago that it couldn’t even move. Her back legs were starting to have enough strength for her to stand up straight like a cane.

Even though she was aware that her road to recovery would be difficult, Eva always gave it her all. Weekly electric stimulation, daily water therapy, and daily massages were all given to the patient.

Eva has excelled in her therapy and rehabilitation in a remarkably short period of time. The strength and adaptability of her back legs increased. When her front legs were no longer rigid, she was able to straighten and retain them in an upright position.

“Eva demonstrated her incredible fighting spirit by never giving up. She taught us a lot “the collective remarked.

Eva had plasma therapy the day before, and she also had weekly injections, both of which seemed to be helpful. She was more active that day, moving around a bit, and generally feeling better.

A few days ago, I thought about getting Eva a wheelchair, but I ultimately rejected the idea. Every day she was walking more, and I was ecstatic about it.

Because she had never before seen the water, she hastened and leaped, relishing those tranquil moments. I was delighted to see Eva’s smile.

The home and family she deserves are finally within reach for her. She was treated with dignity, given Canadian citizenship, and enjoyed complete independence.

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