Volunteer Pilots Fly Shelter Dogs To New Homes To Save Them From Euthanasia

One of the biggest issues for animal shelters nation-wide is that some regions are overflowing with adoptable dogs while others never have enough. Wings Of Rescue, an extraordinary volunteer organization run by dedicated pilots, flies dogs from shelters overflowing with animals to those that can find them new homes. Often, the dogs they transport would have been euthanized hours later if it weren’t for these pilots. The organization has saved over 12,000 dogs since 2009, when it was formed. Flights cost roughly $80 per dog, and you can donate to their cause on their website.  

Overcrowded shelters are often forced to euthanize their dogs

Pilots at ‘Wings Of Rescue’ fly these dogs to those that can find them new homes

“We either do it or the dogs die, so the choice is clear”

“Many of the dogs are immediately adopted”

The organization has saved more than 12,000 dogs’ lives

They hope to save more than 7,000 dogs this year

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