This golden retriever celebrated his birthday with a pool party and 200 tennis balls But no one has wished it yet

Who doesn’t enjoy birthday bashes? But have you ever thought of throwing a party for your furry friend who just turned one year old? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Arizona when Hudson, an adorable pup, celebrated his special day with his buddies, 200 tennis balls, and a pool. The event was captured by his owner, Cami Griffith, and quickly became an internet sensation with over 2.7 million views and nearly 1000 comments on Instagram and TikTok.

@charli_and_hudson on Instagram

The video shows that for her dog’s birthday, she decided to spoil him with 200 tennis balls. The owners threw the balls into the pool and waited for the dogs to jump in excitement. The caption mentions that Hudson was launching like a torpedo for three hours straight and they had a lot of happy golden retrievers at the party. All the guests enjoyed playing fetch, having treats, and celebrating Hudson’s first birthday. To watch the cute video, check it out here! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest news on celebrities, royals, and beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trends.


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