They record a couple who adapted their motorcycle so that their puppies would not stay crying at home (video)

Some puppies traveling on a motorcycle sitting in their own stroller, it is one of the most tender and sweet things we have seen in Zoorprendente . And it is that, all that pet lover knows that, sometimes it is a problem to leave them alone at home.




The puppies travel happy and content in their adapted stroller

Before leaving home, a young man and his wife must plan well in advance to ensure that their little animals do not lack for anything. However, one day they decided not to leave them alone any longer and devised a way.


Who says you have to leave them? Not this traveling married couple. Now they travel on their brand new motorcycle with a special stroller for their puppies. They both found the great solution to take them wherever they go.




The duo of lovers of the road and of animals went viral when they were captured by the user @jeancarlos_jeancarlos , traveling with their little animals. They looked very comfortable and happy. This earned them the applause of the public for their ingenuity.


“ Leaving pets at home is the most difficult part to solve during a trip ”, commented the young Jean Carlos.



And he is right, since detaching from a pet, due to the impossibility of leaving it with someone else is unsustainable. This, despite the fact that a space can be conditioned so that they have enough water and food.


“ The idea of ​​separating ourselves from our puppies is difficult to imagine, that is why we do everything possible so that our puppies accompany us ”, they said in the motorized group.



On the other hand, if you travel by car, it is a little easier, since you can freely choose how to take them on board. But, if you only have two wheels, the picture is complicated, because the journey can be uncomfortable.


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“ A specially tuned motorcycle for these puppies proves that creativity and love can do anything ”, commented a netizen.




Needless to say, the post of this family of humans and puppies went viral on the TikTok platform. Both were filmed traveling in the company of their best friends, two large breed dogs.



Thinking about this scene can be somewhat complicated, since it is immediately possible to imagine the dogs being carried by their keepers. The question arises: how do they manage to drive without crashing?




In the images it is possible to appreciate that the motorcycle has a compartment behind the passengers. When the furry ones do not occupy it, it works perfectly as a trunk.



It has a kind of capsule attached exactly to the part of the rear tire. A third tire was also fitted to the motorcycle. The cylindrical shape of this attachment allows animals to travel comfortably.





The affectionate and pampered puppies can choose to sit or lie down, as they prefer. In addition, the protections placed on the top prevent them from falling out of the stroller. The video already has more than 700,000 thumbs up.



The identity of this “traveling family” still remains anonymous. However, this has not been an obstacle to stealing the hearts of the people. Many were those who praised their imagination so that they could all travel together.


Watch video below

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