They αbαndoned her becαuse they didn’t hαve the time, leαving the bloodhound feeling betrαyed αnd depressed αt α crowded shelter.

Meet Kansas, a seven-year-old bloodhound whose family abandoned her to the Carson Animal Care Center in California. Her family abandoned her, according to the shelter, since they didn’t have enough time to spend with her.

Kansas is characterized as lively with other dogs, housetrained despite living outdoors, and well-trained on leash and in obedience.


#A5495494 My name is KANSAS, and I’m a 7-year-old female Bloodhound. I haven’t been spayed yet. I’ve been at Carson Animal Care Center since August 4th. On August 4th, I will be available. You are welcome to pay me a visit at C317.s.

INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you live in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino, or Riverside County and would like to foster a Carson puppy, please visit and fill out the online foster application. Please notify authorized rescue groups, friends, relatives, and social media connections about this dog’s suffering.

Please share so she does not have to stay in the shelter for too long.

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