The surprising transformation of a stray Pit Bull discovered on a sidewalk, almost dying

The cities are full of stray dogs, because unfortunately not everyone has understood that animals must not be abandoned and that females must be sterilized if puppies cannot be kept. Unfortunately, these poor animals have the worst, forced to live on the streets, looking for food and a warm place to shelter. However, this is not enough, because diseases cannot be escaped and if they do not have an owner, no one will notice their illness and no one will take care of them. Like this poor Pitbull , lying on a sidewalk , almost dying, found by police officers.

During a classic day at work, City of Los Angeles Police officers stumbled upon a sad encounter. At the side of the road, on the edge of a sidewalk, a poor stray dog ​​was lying on the ground. She was a Pitbull female, but she that she was in such bad shape, that she was almost unrecognizable. Her body was completely covered in ticks, fleas and mites. She also had severe wounds on several areas, on which worms had developed.

The police alerted the local shelter and volunteers rushed to the scene. The boys captured Spirit Golden Heart and took her to the vet, who immediately intervened to stabilize her condition, initially with fluid therapy and a blood transfusion. From the analyzes carried out it emerged that the little girl suffered from Polyarthritis , which caused her fever and swollen joints. After making the diagnosis, the doctor set up the therapy for healing.

Luckily Spirit had a great will to live and reacted very well to the drugs and treatments of the boys. When she fully regained her strength she became adoptable , and in a very short time she found her mother. She now lives happily in her new home, surrounded by the love of her family.

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