Starved Homeless Dog Wanders The Streets, Becomes A “Bag Of Bones” With No Home

A dangerously emaciated Weimaraner was found wandering all alone in Anderson Township near Cincinnati,

A Good Samaritan spotted the skeletal creature and immediately brought him to the Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter. The workers were shocked to see the severity of the dog’s malnourishment. They named him Hemingway, and hooked him up to fluids to help him hold on to life.


For the first few days, Hemingway could barely move and had to be carried everywhere. His muscles had wasted away and the poor baby would wobble and fall every time he tried to stand up. He was cold all the time and would simply find comfort in his snug blanket all day.


After consultations with the vet, his caretakers put him on a special diet as part of a strategic weight gain program. He was then transferred to a medical foster home.

Over the next few weeks, Hemingway steadily began showing signs of improvement. He was first able to walk on his own. Gradually, he began interacting with his foster parents and pet siblings. As his progressed emaciation started fading away, his energy levels spiked up and he happily embraced his goofy, fun-loving personality! As of now, Hemingway has gained a total of 18 lbs over 4 weeks – and that’s an undisputed victory!


His caretakers are finally positive that he is going to be okay. With this encouraging piece of news, the shelter speculates that Hemingway will be stable enough for adoption pretty soon! Sadly, nothing is known about Hemingway’s past or how he came to be so grossly emaciated. He has no microchip, and it’s likely that he was neglected for months.


However, the shelter doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions, as this might very well be a case of a lost or trapped dog. Thanks to a chance encounter on Thanksgiving Day with a family who’d lost their own Weimaraner recently, Hemingway got adopted into his new forever home and can now look forward to a lifetime of love and care! Yay!

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