Shelter Dog Who’d Given Up All Hope Finds Forever Family Thanks To Viral Moment

“Lucky is one very lucky boy!”

The day he was adopted, Lucky thought he’d found his people. The sweet beagle mix was so excited to finally leave The Green County Animal Shelter of Virginia in Ruckersville, Virginia, for a real home. But things didn’t stay that way. Lucky soon found himself right back at the shelter, losing hope he’d ever find his forever family.

“Our heart hurts so much for Lucky as he is struggling to be a shelter dog once again,” a post on the shelter’s Facebook page reads. “Over a month back at our shelter and not one single interest in you can be rough.”

A sad dog stares at the back of his kennel.

Lucky was first adopted from the shelter in March 2021 as a beagle mix puppy.

“Lucky’s family adored him so much, but with the size he grew to be, it became more than they could handle. We all thought Lucky was a beagle mix and would stay a medium size dog. Lucky has grown to be more of a hound mix,” the shelter’s post reads.

The sweet pup grew bigger than expected and was returned to the shelter in September, where his hope for a better future dwindled.

“Lucky is truly struggling as he was loved by his family,” the post continues. “[He] is needing each of you to share him with your friends and family in hopes he finds a family who can handle his size. Lucky is truly a big sweetheart and thinks he is a lap dog.”

A dog is finally adopted.

The post highlighted Lucky’s best attributes, including his great leash-walking skills, his love of the outdoors, and his adoration of children, cats and dogs.

“Lucky needs each of you to help him find happiness again by being loved by a family,” the post reads. “Please take time to share this handsome hound.”

After so long without any interest, Lucky finally started to receive some attention as his Facebook post went viral.

“He was scared and nervous when he first returned,” Anna Swanson, shelter spokesperson, told The Dodo. “Lucky wasn’t very social when he first came in with new people. He loved being outdoors, so he would sit on the outside part of his kennel.”

A dog stands behind kennel fencing.

Within days, Lucky’s forever family walked in and adopted him.

“Lucky is one very lucky boy!” the updated post reads. “Lucky found his new forever family today! All it took was for one family to fall in love.”

The now-famous dog will never have to worry about sitting in a shelter again. And it seems luck was definitely on Lucky’s side after all.

Written by Jone Dark

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