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Pittie Finds Comfort on Dad’s Shoulder Despite Being Fully Grown

Puppies born from the same litter often embark on separate journeys with different families, but for Norman and Annabelle, luck had other plans.

Growing up together, sharing interests, and engaging in sibling play are cherished experiences for dogs, and Norman and Annabelle, born under a lucky star on Friday the 13th, were fortunate enough to live those moments side by side.

two pitbulls lying on a couch

Bobby Keane and his wife, Danni, from Maryland, had their lives transformed when they welcomed a pregnant Pitbull into their home, just a week away from delivering a litter. It was a significant responsibility, but the couple felt compelled to provide a chance for the expecting mother and her puppies.

When the litter of 12 puppies arrived, the task of caring for them all, along with their mother, became monumental. Despite their initial intention of not keeping any, Norman and Annabelle, the inseparable siblings, found their way into the hearts of Bobby and Danni.

tiny pitbull sleeping on a mans shoulder

As fate would have it, Norman became attached to Danni and her daughter, while Annabelle formed a special bond with Bobby, her human dad. Their bond solidified when Annabelle, at three weeks old, fell asleep on Bobby’s shoulder one night, a habit that endured over the years.

This video catapulted Annabelle and her brother into the realm of canine stardom.

@annabelle_and_norman It’s her shoulder #dogdad #dogsoftiktok ♬ Riptide – Vance Joy

Even as Annabelle grew to over 50 pounds, she continued to find solace snoozing on her dad’s shoulder, embodying the essence of a daddy’s girl.

grown pitbull lying on man's shoulder

What started as a personal video capturing Annabelle’s adorable habit unexpectedly catapulted her and Norman into the realm of canine celebrities. Despite their unexpected fame, Bobby and Danni remain grounded, viewing their social media presence as a fun way to document their lives with their beloved dogs.

@annabelle_and_norman I showed my husband this video and he said “you know what would make it better? If you had a video of them doing it when they were puppies.” So if you need me, I’ll be scouring 4 years worth of footage for a video I’m almost certain doesn’t exist 😤 #dogs #dogsoftiktok #dogtok #dogsiblings #littermates ♬ Dreams – Acoustic – Jada Facer & Dave Moffatt

The trio, affectionately dubbed the Little Monsters, have garnered a devoted following online, with their everyday adventures captivating viewers. From structured daily routines to exciting outings, Norman and Annabelle are living their best lives with Bobby and Danni.

@annabelle_and_norman How am I supposed to work in these conditions #dogdad #pittieprincess #daddysgirl ♬ All Your’n (Sped Up) – Tyler Childers

In the end, their story is a testament to the profound bond between humans and their furry companions, illustrating that family isn’t just important—it’s everything.

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