People were shocked when they found the dying dog! It was hard to see a pit bull in it!

   When rescuers, alarmed by an anonymous complaint, arrived at a farm in Georgia, USA, where the animal was living in appalling conditions, they couldn’t believe what they saw. The dog, which on top of all was nicknamed by an inappropriate name, could not move away from the tree, dirty, sick, emaciated and with almost unrecognizable features of a pit bull.
The story was posted on the Facebook page of animal welfare organization Go Dogs, Go Rescue Inc, along with photos of the dog, which clearly showed what condition it was in. The fact is that, as they say, the dog lived like this for four years of his life, until he was rescued, found near a tree, in the open air.
The animal was found in a state of complete abandonment, dirty, with vertebrae and ribs clearly marked under the skin. The weight with which it was found was about 12 kg, whereas an adult of this breed should weigh between 20 and 30 kg. His neck was also chafed from an uncomfortable collar. Subsequent analysis also revealed that he suffered from heartworm, a heart disease caused by a parasite that lives in the animal’s arteries and heart.
But this story, in which there is so much injustice, has a happy ending. The same organization that found him in January uploaded a post this month that shows the dog in very different conditions to people than in its first images. After being adopted by a loving and caring family, he was renamed the Hero for his incredible power to survive the nightmare he was in for four years.
The hero now sleeps indoors on soft mattresses and is a tame and obedient pet. He only has a small hernia left as a memory of a fight with a dog in his chain days, but it will soon be resolved with minor surgery. As for the owners of the dog, whose indifference and lack of understanding led to the animal being in this condition, they have been condemned by the rescuers and justice is expected to be done.
Let’s wish the Hero and his new owners a long and happy life, thank you for caring people! Put likes, write comments and subscribe to the channel, together we will make the world a little better!

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