Man Rescues Poor Abandoned Puppy And Enriches Him With A Loving Forever Home

When one man came across an abandoned pitbull puppy, he felt an immediate calling to save the little dog’s life. The puppy was in a bad way, and it was touch and go whether he would even survive. But thanks to the man’s quick actions, the puppy was able to recover at an animal shelter.

When it was time for the little pup to be adopted, shelter workers didn’t want him to go to just anyone. They reached out to one special person who they already knew would be a perfect match with the puppy: his rescuer.

Happily, the man is keen to adopt the puppy, and the touching moment that they were reunited was caught on a video that is sure to warm your heart.

Joey Wagner, a marine from Nova Scotia, came across the abandoned pit bull puppy in terrible conditions. The poor little dog was infested with mange, as well as being malnourished and timid. But Joey didn’t think twice about saving the little pup, and he instantly took him to the vets so that he could be cared for.

After some time at the vets, the puppy was taken to a nearby animal shelter, where he would be cared for until he was well enough to be adopted. Shelter workers named him Mojo because of his luck in life. It was time for this sweet puppy to get his happy ending.

The puppy is ready to be adopted – but who will take him home?

At last, Mojo was well enough to be adopted. Puppies are often adopted pretty quickly, so shelter staff knew that Mojo wouldn’t be with them for long. But when they thought about who had the privilege of being Mojo’s adoptive parent, only one person sprung to mind.

Staff quickly contacted Joey, the man who had selflessly rescued Mojo in the first place. Joey was overjoyed to hear that the pup was doing better, and he instantly agreed to adopt him. When the day arrived for the pair to be reunited, shelter workers were ready with their cameras to capture the beautiful moment on video.

The sweet clip was shared onto YouTube by The Dodo. It has since been viewed by 1.3 million people all around the world. The video shows Mojo’s joy at seeing his dad again for the first time in weeks. The sweet little dog licks Joey’s face, as well as giving some playful little nips and attempting to pull his dad’s hat off!

It’s obvious that Mojo remembers his rescuer.
As Mojo plays happily with Joey, shelter workers seem amazed at the pair’s instant connection, with one of the staff saying, “Wow… He plays with us, but not like that!”

It’s clear that the pup is well-loved by all. As another worker says, “It’s making me teary eyed,” as she watches the interaction between the pair, before adding, “It’s a bittersweet moment… we’ll definitely miss him.”

“Are you ready to go home?”

It’s now time for Mojo to leave and go to his forever home. We don’t think there’s any moment more special than taking an animal home from the shelter, and we’re so glad that this was captured on camera. Watch the sweet moment below.

Mojo is now roughly eight years old, and he’s living his best life with Joey. Rumour has it that he’s totally spoiled. We know that he’s going to continue to have the happiest life with the man who rescued him all those years ago.

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