In 45-degree desert heat, a young girl finds a box of puppies

The girl traveled alone for the first time, she visited California and Utah. On the way, she decided to stop to admire the view and take a short walk there. She paused for a moment in the desert.

Walking through the summer heat, she saw a box. When she opened it, she found three little puppies. They were all breathing and healthy, but she knew they wouldn’t live long if she didn’t protect them.

She immediately took them to the veterinary clinic. They were very thirsty, hungry, but fortunately healthy. Two cubs weighed 2.5 kg, and the other, the smallest, weighed only 2 kg.

The girl wanted to put them in a shelter, but did not want to stress them out. She decided to bring them home until they found a permanent home.

After 2 days she went home with the puppies. She says taking care of three dogs is not an easy task.

They were energetic, first they had to be taught how to use the boiler. It was hard, but Paige found a good home for her two little ones.

The third puppy was the smallest, more shy than the other two, but he had a lot in common with her and it was very difficult for her to leave him.

So she decided to adopt a little puppy whom she named Breck, give her a beautiful home, and now they are already looking forward to great adventures together.

The girl says that she felt that they were very emotionally affected by her, that they gave her a strong will to live.

She posted pictures of them online and shared the story. Now they live together and have a great time. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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