German Shepherd, Kai, Is Absolutely Sure That He’s A Bird, Here’s Why

Who says dogs can’t play pretend?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kai… probably the world’s first German Shepherd who thinks that he’s nothing else but a bird!

That’s right!

Even though he’s a sturdy German boi, Kai likes to jump on the birdbath on hot summer days and just casually drink water from it.

Who knows, maybe he was a bird in his past life.

There’s Something About That Birdbath

german shepherd standing on a birdbath
Source: RON Project

Since he was a little boy, Kai has always found the birdbath in his family’s yard interesting. At first, he was just about sipping the water from it while standing on his hind legs, but after extensive observation of birds using it – he got the greatest idea ever!

Why can’t I simply be a bird is probably a thought that popped into his mind before he went all bird style!

german shepherd enjoying himself in a birdbath
Source: RON Project

He literally jumped into it and got a drink, but after a few short moments, he just casually laid down in it, got comfortable, and stayed like that for around ten minutes.

Yes, Kai’s an extremely intelligent doggo, but he has his own little quirks that Ashley and the rest of the family just love!

Kai Has Other Hobbies, Too

As the time went by, Kai stopped using the birdbath as… you guessed it, he became too big for it! He’s not a six-month-old German Shepherd doggo anymore – he’s now basically a giant!

But, don’t worry – he found other hobbies and doesn’t miss the cooling spot even one bit!

He’s very much into hiking and spending time with his family in nature.

german shepherd hiking
Source: Ashley Shell

Kai loves accompanying his hoomans everywhere they go, but it seems that there’s something special about the mountain air and all those endless green fields.

Other than that, he helps his mom foster other doggos that come into their home. Ashley has been a foster for quite some time, and Kai’s always there around the clock to help! After all – he’s a German Shepherd, and they are just impeccable workers!

I mean… sure, he’s still into bathing and using unusual spots to cool off during hot summer days, but only now, he uses a pool and hangs out with his duckling buddies!

A Beautiful Boi Taking Care Of His Family

german shepherd posing for a photo with his baby sister
Source: Ashley Shell

Still, at the end of the day, it seems that Kai’s most favorite thing is making sure he’s big, and that the tiny hoomans are okay.

He now has a baby sister, River, and he’s all about protecting her and making sure she doesn’t get hurt. Whenever he’s around her, his eyes get this amazing spark that he just can’t hide.

He can run, play, and hang out with other doggo friends, but when the sun sets, he knows where he belongs – in the loving arms of his beautiful family!


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