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Family Abandons Senior Dog — Because They Remodeled Their Home

Just because something is old doesn’t mean that it isn’t still wonderful.

A family in Kentucky decided it was time to remodel their home, and once it was done they decided to make another change – they’d get rid of their sweet senior dog, Lexus, whom they’d had for years.

Lexus had lived with her family for her entire 10 years before they decided she no longer fit in with their brand new home. “Unfortunately, her owner recently remodeled his home and no longer wanted a dog in the house,” the Franklin County Humane Society posted on its Facebook page.

Lexus looks terrified sitting in her cell all alone, probably wondering why after a decade of loving her family they decided that they no longer wanted her. The look on her face is heartbreaking, and will only go away when she finds a new family to give her a happily ever after.

Lexus has lived with other dogs before, is good with kids and in general has a stellar personality. “She is very laid back and sweet and would love to find a new home for the holidays,” the Humane Society wrote.

Lexus may be a senior dog, but that does not mean she has any less love to give, and all she wants is the chance to prove that to a new family.

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