Dog Left Hiding In Doghouse After Family Decides To Move Without Her

“Any time imagine what a dog with a broken heart looks like?”

Abandoned and Alone

Left Hiding in Heartbreak For eight years, a dog named Pamela endured life in a dilapidated doghouse in her family’s yard. However, the situation took a heartbreaking turn when the family faced eviction, leaving Pamela behind without a second thought.

Dog who spent 8 years in dog house

A Heartbreaking Image

The Face of a Broken Heart Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, shared a poignant photo on the organization’s Facebook page. The image captured Pamela peering out from her soon-to-be-lost shelter. Guido questioned, “Ever wonder what a dog with a broken heart looks like?” as she highlighted the only home Pamela had ever known for eight long years.Dog who lived in dog house for 8 years

A Rescue Mission

A Timely Intervention Guido received a tip from a local realtor about Pamela’s impending homelessness. Upon arrival, she found the man, facing eviction, leaving Pamela behind. Without hesitation, Pamela was loaded into Guido’s car, her previous owner closing the door and continuing with his belongings.

Overcoming Trauma

Healing Emotional Wounds Pamela displayed clear signs of fear and emotional distress. Cowering in her crate, she tucked her tail tightly, emitting soft growls. While physical wounds were absent, Guido recognized the deeper emotional scars. With a history of rehabilitating traumatized dogs, Guido understood that Pamela needed love, comfort, and patience.

A Journey to Recovery

From Fear to Affection Pamela’s initial response was one of fear and trembling, but Guido’s care began to transform her perspective. A visit to the vet revealed sores from her outdoor living conditions. Days later, Pamela, who had spent her entire life outside, started kissing Guido’s face, signaling her acceptance of the positive changes in her life.

A Steady Progress

Moments of Connection Pamela’s progress was evident during walks, where she stayed close to Guido, occasionally looking back, and expressing gratitude through affectionate gestures. While rapid progress was observed, Guido emphasized the importance of allowing Pamela to acclimate fully to her newfound security before considering further changes.

Dog saved from homelessness kissing rescuer

A Hopeful Future

A Path to a New Family Pamela’s journey is far from over, with Guido ensuring she receives comprehensive veterinary care and time to reveal her preferences. Despite Pamela’s tragic past, there is optimism that, in the near future, she will be ready to embrace the love and care of a new family.

Dog kissing rescuer


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