Dog Doesn’t Recognize Owner After Weight Loss (Video)

After a long hospital stay, this man was excited to be reunited with his dog. But when the day finally came, the dog’s strange reaction wasn’t what he expected.

Willy missed his owner while he was in the hospital. Certainly, he was waiting for his dad to come home and was wondering where he was.

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Happily, the day finally came that Shane Godfrey was going to be reunited with Willy. He had spent five weeks in the hospital from flu complications and was looking forward to seeing his beloved dog again.

Finally, the moment was near, and Godfrey sat on a bench and called Willy’s name. The pup comes running across the grass toward him. But then Willy stops and starts to bark, suddenly unsure about the situation. Godfrey keeps talking to Willy, but Willy continues to stall and bark at him seemingly unsure.

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The problem it seemed was that Godfrey lost a lot of weight while in the hospital. In fact, he was down 50 pounds and looked like a different person than the one that went in. So, Willy didn’t recognize him sitting there on the bench.

But it would all work soon enough. Willy finally got close enough to sniff dad. He crept closer and smelled him and then is suddenly overtaken with wiggly joy. With tail wagging, he leaps into dad’s arms, obviously ecstatic to reunite with his owner.

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Willy doesn’t understand where his dad has been, but he instantly forgives the separation. He gets the happy zoomies and begins racing around the yard while a very happy family watches and laughs.
Thankfully, Godfrey was finally better and able to go home from the hospital and be reunited with his sweet pup. The two missed each other a lot. Thankfully, they could be together again.

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No one wants to think about what will happen to their dog if they have a health crisis. It’s a good idea to plan so that there is someone who can step in and help, such as in this case.

Thankfully, Willy was well taken care of until his dad could come back to him. Dad must have been so relieved to know his dog was okay as he was recovering. We hope you enjoyed their sweet reunion. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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