After 14 adoptions fell through, ‘unlucky’ dog Ronald has finally found a home

Every dog in a shelter aspires to find their very own forever home, but adoption isn’t always straightforward despite shelters’ best efforts. Some animals search for the perfect home for a very long time, and occasionally adoptions are unsuccessful.

Last week, we told the tale of Ronald, a dog who experienced a particularly terrible “unlucky streak” following 14 unsuccessful adoption attempts. He persevered, nevertheless. and at last, this adorable dog finds a home!
SPCA of Wake County posted Ronald’s tale on January 11. Ronald is a “huge boy” with a massive physique who may have been “too big/strong” for certain households, especially those with young children, even though he only weighs 63 pounds. They think that Ronald’s large size was the reason for his numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a home.
They also described Ronald as a “big puppy” who, when enthusiastic or acting “a little mouthy,” will stand up on his paws and place them on you.
Although some families may have found Ronald to be a little “too much,” the SPCA was confident that there was someone out there for whom he would make the perfect friend.
“Ronald is incredibly kind, comprehends his instructions, and graciously receives praise. The SPCA noted that he is an extremely good boy. He adores receiving treats and performing his tricks, so he will make an excellent student for any instruction.
Thankfully, Ronald’s fortunes suddenly turned around. The shelter was “maxed out” on adoption requests after his story went viral and numerous people expressed interest in adopting him.
His entire string of bad luck ended very soon, SPCA spokeswoman Samantha Ranlet said WRAL. We’re completely overloaded.
In a stunning development, the SPCA just announced that “Ronald’s bad luck streak has officially ended.”
His new family reports that he is getting along quite well with the children, and they are completely enamored of him, the SPCA stated. They showed Ronald’s new family photos and let them know how nicely he was settling in.
After 14 fruitless efforts, Ronald looks to have had success with adoption. The SPCA was ecstatic with the excellent news and the resounding outpouring of support for Ronald.
They posted on Facebook, saying, “Thank you all so much for sharing Ronald’s story. We were overwhelmed by your messages of support and generous offers to help him. “Thanks to the wide distribution of your shares, Ronald was able to contact about a million people on the first day. His entire surroundings changed radically and unexpectedly. It never ceases to amaze us how much power you all have at your keyboards to change someone’s life!
We are so relieved that Ronald has found his “forever home” and that his string of bad luck is now over. Spread the word about this fantastic news!

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