Abandoned elderly dog breaks down in tears when approached by rescuer for comfort in deep river

Abandoned in Deep River, Elderly German Shepherd Weeps When Rescuers Approach


Biggie, an elderly German Shepherd, was found stranded in the Los Angeles River, far from any accessible banks. The locals had been feeding him for weeks, but no one could find a way to get him out of the water. That’s when a desperate call was made to Hope for Paws, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing animals in need.


The team at Hope for Paws arrived on the scene quickly but were faced with an unprecedented challenge. They had never attempted a rescue mission like this before. But with the help of the community, they assembled the necessary tools and approached the frightened dog.


Biggie was initially terrified and hesitant to come close to the rescuers. But with gentle encouragement and patience, they were able to gain his trust. As they approached him, Biggie started to cry and whimper, expressing his deep fear and desperation.

But the Hope for Paws team didn’t give up. They spent hours working to safely extract the elderly dog from the river. Finally, after a long and challenging rescue effort, Biggie was brought to safety.


The heartwarming video of the rescue shows the moment when Biggie finally realizes that he is safe and surrounded by caring people. The transformation from a scared and abandoned dog to a happy and loved companion is truly touching.


The team at Hope for Paws is dedicated to rescuing animals like Biggie, who have been left behind and forgotten. Their compassion and commitment to helping animals in need are truly inspiring.


We are grateful for organizations like Hope for Paws and the kind-hearted people who support them. Thanks to their efforts, Biggie now has a second chance at life, surrounded by people who care for him deeply.

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