Abandoned Dog And Puppy Find Each Other In Emergency Room

One was recovering from a deadly  snake bite. The other was abandoned in a parking lot.

Being hospitalized can be rough, but as these two young dogs quickly learned, making a new friend can help ease the pain.

Meet Olaf, the 1-year-old mastiff.

He was surrendered to a shelter in New York City during the week before Christmas. He had a severely infected wound on his leg caused by a venomous snake bite, so the shelter sent him Second Chance Rescue for emergency care.

You can see photos of his surgery here, but for the purpose of our story, all you need to know is that there’s nothing pretty under that pink cast.

Olaf’s surgery helped him heal, but he was still in an unfamiliar place. He needed all the love and comfort he could get.

That’s where Mariah made an entrance.

At only 6 weeks of age, Mariah was abandoned in a parking lot. Second Chance found her late on Christmas Eve, hypothermic and covered in her own feces.

They gave her immediate medical attention and cleaned her up.

After two days in the hospital, Mariah was stable, but she was still weak and doctors struggled to keep her body temperature steady.

Then, something miraculous happened.

The two dogs who were both in need of emotional support started to become friends. They found joy in each other’s presence.

Both Mariah and Olaf are still being hospitalized, but they are in good hands. Every day, Second Chance Rescue provides shelter and medical treatment to stray and surrendered dogs in and around New York City.

These two dogs have seen more neglect and abuse than any dog should see in a lifetime, but their friendship goes to show that no matter how bad a situation may be, having a friend can make it all seem better.

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Written by Jone Dark

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