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A nice man finds two dogs who had been missing for days: an aging dog and a deaf dog.

In a heartwarming tale of resilience and reunion, a kind-hearted man played a pivotal role in finding two missing dogs – an aging dog and a deaf dog. The emotional moment unfolded when a lost dog named “Puppy” was located after being missing for 40 hours, thanks to the shrewd instincts of Tino, a Search and Rescue dog embarking on his first mission.


Puppy, a 150-pound Great Pyrenees, had gone missing while horseback riding with his owner, Karen James, in McCleary, Washington. Faced with two days of anxious searching, Puppy’s owners sought assistance from Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Tino, the skilled Search and Rescue dog, took on the task of locating Puppy. With a keen sense of determination, Tino swiftly tracked Puppy down, discovering him submerged in a muddy gully less than a mile from his home, with only his head protruding through the muck.

The rescue operation proved challenging, requiring three dedicated rescuers to safely extricate Puppy from the muck. Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue expressed their gratitude on Facebook, stating, “Tino did a terrific job today, discovering this old dog stranded in the muck.”

Describing the condition of Puppy, they noted, “At first, his back feet didn’t operate, possibly because he’d been stuck in the chilly muck for hours.” The vast forested area posed a challenge for Puppy’s family, making the assistance of a skilled search dog like Tino invaluable in locating their beloved pet.


Puppy was gently placed in a wagon and taken home, where his family joyfully welcomed him back. Karen James shared her relief, stating, “He couldn’t get out of the muck. We wouldn’t have spotted him since he was off the route far enough.”

Tino’s debut mission as a Search and Rescue dog not only showcased his remarkable skills but also exemplified the crucial role these dedicated animals play in reuniting families with their lost pets. The heartening reunion of Puppy with his family stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of rescue organizations and the incredible bond between humans and their loyal canine companions.

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