A dog with a curved face becomes a dog with a special and unique look!

Alan is Perfect …! So so happy he is loved and mores than happy! 

You could look a bit different however you are still so beautiful adorable & very priceless which makes you a very unique & so loved 
 fur baby sweetie & somebody is going to be so lucky to have you in there life.

Alan is a one-year-old puppy with a significant facial malformation that provides him his unique appearance. He was discovered on the streets of Doha, Qatar, with his mother, father, and 7 siblings when he was two months old.

Due to this malformation, your nose spins and tilts to the right, exposing your lower teeth completely. The woman took Alan to the vet to be assessed for possible surgery and to avoid any type of breathing issues. However, following a complete evaluation, it was identified that he had no problems and was totally healthy.

The photos show the happy young puppy relaxing on the sofa with Father and getting a delicious goodie from the kitchen counter. At home, he may be seen playing with his family and foster brother or sisters, and he enjoys leaping about.
The dog had a terrible start in life, but he currently enjoys his brand-new life with Johanna and her family! ❤.

Alan’s films of him enjoying his best life have propelled him to “Internet” celebrity, with over “a million likes”.

Alan will certainly remain to enjoy his fantastic life and demonstrate to everybody that being different is not a issue neither a hindrance to happiness.

Say thanks to goodness he found a caring house he deserves that he is such an incredible g dog.

Many thanks for giving him such a fantastic life. ❤.

Animals that look “different” are just as beautiful and deserve love. All animals deserve love and kindness! ❤.

He’s absolutely adorable ❤.

Fortunate parents to have such priceless sweetheart ❤ ❤.

And he lucked out too with his moms and dads and brother or sisters! All the best desires to entire family ❤. He is so wonderful and gorgeous baby. Bless him, prayers and love for him


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