7-Year-Old Boy Saves A Puppy From Being Attacked And Now They’re Best Friends

Even though he was only seven years old, when he saw a puppy being abused, he didn’t hesitate to save the dog’s life.

When 7-year-old Nicolas saw some children torturing and trying to kill a helpless puppy, he didn’t hesitate to save the dog from its suffering abuse. Knowing it was wrong to hurt a helpless animal, he wasn’t going to let it happen on his watch.

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Once he got the puppy away from the children, his care and concern for the puppy didn’t end there. He immediately took the puppy to the veterinarian for help, even using the money he had been saving and e borrowed the rest.

When the puppy left the vet, Nicolas took the little pup home. He named it Esteban. Esteban now follows Nicholas everywhere he goes and sticks very close to the kind little boy’s side.

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The only time they are apart is when Nicolas is at school and even then, Esteban waits for Nicolas to get home. The puppy adores the hero who saved him from his attackers, thus saving the innocent dog’s life.

Nicholas is such an amazing, brave kid to stand up to cruelty and protect a creature weaker than himself. He’s such a nice boy and full of heart and knows how to act when he has to.

We’re so happy Nicolas and Esteban are now together. The two are certainly best friends and we hope they can make lots of happy memories so that they both heal from the horrible abuse Esteban endured.

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We hope you enjoyed their sweet story. We’re so happy that the little dog is okay and now has a safe and loving home. Things could have turned out so much worse. Please share with your friends.

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