Woman Gets A Panic Attack In An Airport, And The Way Her Service Dog Reacts Will Melt Your Heart

Almost every day we read a story or watch a video that makes us tear up and sigh how we “don’t deserve dogs”. Especially when it comes to service dogs that train and work hard to make our lives easier. As does mutt named Oakley who helps out his owner, Amber Aquart, every day.

Last month, Aquart shared a video of herself and her dog waiting in an airport. Just seconds in, Oakley jumps up and goes to his owner, nuzzling at her hands and face. He did it because his owner was suffering from a panic attack and he sensed it and immediately started to de-escalate it. “Both of my dogs are trained to interrupt panic attacks, however Oakley is my main service dog,” Amber told Bored Panda. “He has been taught to pay attention to my breathing patterns, heart rate, and hands. If he notices a change, he is supposed to push my hands away from my face and try to get my attention onto him,” she added.

The minute-long video shows how quick Oakley was to react to his owner’s distress and how important the relationship between the two is. “My quality of life has been dramatically improved by having these dogs,” she admitted. Scroll down below to check it out and tell us if you think he did a good job. “I think he did an excellent job!” Aquart added.

A month ago, Amber Aquart uploaded a video that has since gone viral

The footage shows her dog, Oakley, reacting to Amber’s distress and jumping to action

He did it because his owner was suffering from a panic attack

He knows when panic attacks happen and how to de-escalate them

“Both of my dogs are trained to interrupt panic attacks, however Oakley is my main service dog,” Amber told Bored Panda

He is supposed to encourage his owner to put her hands on him

“[It] calms me down” Aquart said

This is only one of many Oakley’s talents as he’s part of “Pawsitive Development”

“Pawsitive Development” is a trio of a certified professional dog trainer, Amber,

And two mutts, Tucker and Oakley

“Pawsitive Development was created to help educate and inspire others to develop a better relationship with dogs”

Amber’s work is to educate and show positive-relationship based techniques

And her relationship with Tucker and Oakley is a perfect example

Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks is only one aspect of the training

As Tucker and Oakley are experienced working dogs, dog actors, models and performers

And the footage shows that they truly do their job well

Check out the full video below

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