Woman Did Not Hesitate To Stop Highway Traffic To Save Run Over Puppy. She Saved His Life

However, he realized what was going on a few seconds later: a German shepherd had run away from home and ended up lost in the middle of the road. He just fled before someone ran over him because they couldn’t see him.

Undoubtedly, Debbie was not going to leave the poor puppy in such danger, so she immediately stopped her car and walked over to save him.

She told WXYZ, “I saw a dog in the middle of the road and I could see it was limping, so I knew it had been run over.”

Later, the woman said that although “God had other arrangements for her,” she was supposed to meet a client that day at work.

All the cars stopped as she stepped out and made an effort to approach the dog, but the terrified pet fled.

He pursued him however, never giving up, until he was able to capture him and leave him safely on the side of the track.

Thankfully, the Michigan State Police showed up quickly to help with the investigation.

“I told the dog he was safe and asked him to look at me because he was trying to find an escape route, and I said ‘no, no, look at me, you’re safe,’ ” he recalled.

Despite his fear at the moment, the German Shepherd was well-groomed, clean, and behaved quite politely, so it was clear from what Allen saw that he had recently left his owners’ care.

He was able to be taken away safely and had his wounds attended to by the Society for the Protection of Animals, who had also arrived at the site.

He was not microchipped, which makes it more difficult to find his family, but they won’t give up. They must assemble them.

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