Woman Demands This Dog’s Name Be Changed Because That’s How She Wants To Call Her Newborn, Goes Ballistic After Owner Refuses

Most of us want unique names for our kids. Who doesn’t? It’s only natural. Unfortunately, some people have a very warped view of what ‘special’ is and think it has to be completely and utterly unique.
While some people wrack their brains thinking up eccentric-sounding names for their youngsters, others take a more jealous approach. One presumptuous pregnant lady demanded that a woman she knows change her dog’s name because she was planning on giving her (as of yet) unborn baby girl a very similar one. Wow. Unbelievable.

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Jennay was astounded when a pregnant woman demanded that she change her dog’s name

A woman named Jennay went on Facebook to ask for advice on how to deal with such an unusual request.
“She says, ‘we want to name her Tillie, but it’s come to my attention you have a dog named Tilly. I’d really appreciate you changing your dog’s name. Obviously, you understand my daughter can’t have the same name as a dog’.
“I’m like WTF,” Jennay wrote on Facebook. According to her, there was no serious reason why she should change her dog’s name because the chances of the baby and the dog meeting together are tiny. Furthermore, Jennay explained how nobody was bound to notice the names were similar.
But the argument didn’t end there. The pregnant woman accused Jennay of not understanding what “a terrible position” she was putting her in because she doesn’t have any kids herself. She also stated that Jennay was “potentially ruining her unborn daughter’s life.” Talk about creating dramas out of thin air. Jennay refused to bow to pressure and turned to the Internet for advice.

People were outraged when they read the pregnant woman’s demands

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Let us know in the comments below what advice you would have given to Jennay and whether or not she did the right thing by refusing to rename her dog.

Internet users shared positive stories about what it means to share a name with a dog

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