When a couple split up and left the house, their dog was chained and left to its destiny.

Nobody says it’s easy to deal with a broken love, however it’s absolutely unacceptable for innocent pets to pay the cost for broken, abandoned dishes without understanding why. they were left without parents overnight, writes fancy4work

That’s what happened to a couple lately and what they did to their pet, it really does not have a name.

The events take place on a ranch, in Los Bañuelos de Almuñécar, in Granada (Spain).

The young man’s mother, a 55-year-old lady who deals with the couple, is likewise involved. After finishing her son’s courtship, she likewise decided to leave with him at the end of June. While the girl went one more method, leaving everything behind.

However the most unusual and odd thing is that no one “remembers” the puppy, a beautiful furry buddy bought and raised on the ranch by the couple.


The fact was reported by an pet protector to SEPRONA of the Civil Guard and the army immediately arrived to investigate what it was.

What they saw left them devastated.

They had the ability to confirm that the canine was connected to a leash less than a meter long, and that along with not being fed or adequately hydrated, it remained in bad hygiene; And as if that had not been enough, he doesn’t have a microchip.

At no point did the 55-year-old lady, son, or ex-girlfriend not return to that place to clean up, totally free her, or even a drop of water. Unacceptable!

Therefore, the street protection force has brought to justice the 3 subjects being investigated. They may be accused of being the perpetrators of an action against the protection of plants and animals.

The bright side is that the Association for the Security of Forgotten Animals Motril has looked after the dog.

We really hope that this lovely dog, a breed often stigmatized as potentially harmful, will find the permanent home it is worthy of.

What harm can a puppy do when it’s horribly lucky to have some awful creature at its disposal? Share this information and say NO to animal abandonment.

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