We can’t stσp watching this heartwarming videσ of a Gσlden Retriever cuddling with his belσved tσddler best friend.

It is universally agreed upon that two of the cutest things on earth are babies and puppies. They’re both adorable and full of innocent, infectious joy. What’s even better, is that babies and puppies have a long history of being great companions for each other. One woman is confirming this theory for herself, and the proof is an adorable video of her toddler and puppy snuggling together.

TikTok user @maxlovesluna recently shared a video of her son, Max, and her Golden Retriever, Luna, sharing some loving snuggles on the couch. In the text on the video, the creator tells us that she adopted Luna right after Max was born so the two could grow up together. Check out the video to see how cute and gentle this interaction is!

Aww, this is so sweet! It’s so wonderful when parents are able to raise a young child and a puppy together. The two become best friends and the bond that forms is truly beautiful.

The comments on the video are full of people gushing over this interaction. @houtxmama said, “This makes my heart so happy!!!” and @pyehaw commented, “This is what I needed to fall asleep peacefully tonight.” Such a cute scene is sure to appease the heart!

Others celebrated the great relationships that can form between puppies and kids. commented, “Every child should have a dog,” and @bonnie13beck said, “Best decision ever made.” We can attest that growing up with a puppy best friend is one of the best choices parents can make!

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This mom is going to have the privilege of watching the bond between Max and Luna grow over the years, and it’s going to bring so much joy to her family.


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