A group of kind-hearted individuals attempted to offer food to the dogs, but the mother dog was extremely defensive of her little ones and refused to allow anyone to approach them. Eventually, rescuers arrived on the scene and found the mother dog concealed within the nearby grass with her puppies, keeping watch over them while hoping for her owners to return. 

Unfortunately, it was an unfulfilled wish. The woman was grateful that the rescuers had arrived to aid her, so she remained cheerful and willing to accept any food they provided. Before leaving, they made a final visit to the grass area to ensure that no other puppies were left behind after loading the mother dog and her two pups into their vehicle.

It was a surprising discovery for them when they stumbled upon another litter of puppies in the grass just a few feet away from their mother. The pups were very young, not even old enough to open their eyes yet. Fortunately, they were rescued just in the nick of time and brought back to the shelter where they could receive proper care and attention.

Moli, the mother dog, has been an exceptional caretaker to her little ones, and she is thrilled to be in good hands and sleeping in a cozy bed rather than being left alone on the side of the road. The shelter will look after this small family until they are ready to be adopted into loving homes.

The Dog Rescue Shelter is a non-profit organization that operates as one of the few and largest no-kill shelters in Serbia.