Until help arrived, a young boy stayed by the side of an injured stray dog that had been struck by a car.

Kindness is a heartfelt gift. We believe that by treating one another with kindness, we can all contribute to making the world a better place. If you’re not sure where you can express your compassion and kindness, look around you. There are opportunities to show compassion, kindness, and thoughtfulness everywhere you look.

After assisting an injured stray dog, a young Syrian refugee named Hüseyin el-Hasan has restored our faith in humanity. He and his family have witnessed heinous acts and understand what it’s like to be a Syrian caught in the middle of a conflict. Hüseyin has been through more catastrophes than anybody else. The family was fortunate to find refuge in the Turkish city of Kilis, where they currently live as refugees. Despite his difficult upbringing, the young man’s concern for those in need has not waned.

Hüseyin rushed to the car after seeing a doggie hit by a car near his new home. He came home, got his blanket, wrapped it around the dog to keep it safe, and then called for assistance.

Despite the fact that his own residence was experiencing heating issues, he did not hesitate to give his one and only blanket with the miserable dog. Hüseyin remained by the dog’s side while the rescuers arrived.

Animal care employees arrived after some time to bring the dog to a local veterinarian. Unfortunately, it was too late for the dog. The young boy’s heart was torn, but it was because of him that the dog saw some kindness in her dying hours.

His gesture of kindness was, of course, remembered. Cuma zdemir, the city’s deputy mayor, paid Hüseyin a visit at his home to commemorate the boy and his family. Although the boy’s activities may look trivial to some, zdemir feels they embody humanity’s greatest attributes.

Hüseyin was presented with a new blanket and other presents, as well as the message that his acts that day embodied the finest of humanity, and that more of it is required in our lives and communities.

Despite a rough childhood and being surrounded by harshness, Hüseyin never lost his goodness or want to love.

Kilis’s inhabitants, as well as Hüseyin’s family, are all proud of their young hero. He illustrates how we can all live up to the values that young children have.


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