This pregnant stray dog couldn’t stop smiling after being rescued from a hoarding situati.on.

This story speaks about a dog called Smile, who was rescued by a Minnesota dog rescue called No Dog Left Behind from a hoarding situation along with 21 cats and 22 dogs.

No Dog Left Behind shared online that the owner did not have bad intentions, but when the dogs started to spread and procreate illness, the situation got away from her. Most of the dogs had painful skin disease and sarcoptic mange.

And many of them were even pregnant. Smile was generally in average condition but she had tick-borne diseases, and some mange. She was even pregnant but her puppies got lost due to the distress and neglect.

So, they started to treat her to give her the second chance in life. The dog started getting better and better despite the heartbreak and hardship she had been through.

Stephanie Easley, the operations manager of NDLB, said that she fell in love with Smile as she is very friendly and lovely. Once the dog’s skin condition was fine, Stephanie fostered her.

Despite falling in love with her, Stephanie said that her home is not the perfect forever home for Smile, which means that she will stay her until she finds a forever home. She also added that they hope to find the perfect forever home for Smile very soon.

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