This poor dog thanked rescuers with kisses as he was rescued as his head was freed from the fence




Camilo Llopis Morales found a poor German Shepherd in the streets of Santiago de Chile while walking with his friends. So, without any hesitation, they decided to help the dog.

Morales and his friends knew for sure that helping dogs in need is very important as most people pass them with even trying to help them. They noticed that the dog’s head got stuck between the metal bars of a fence. So, his friends and he went for the rescue directly.

You can see in the video below that was shared on TikTok by Camilo Llopis Morales, one of the men jumped to the other side and started the rescue process.

Thankfully, with the help of the others, the dog was rescued. The dog started thanking the man, who saved him by licking his face and hugging him! Thanks to these kind men, who saved the dog instead of get passed him by. Watch the video below.

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