These energetic pups couldn’t resist the beauty of the train track and eagerly hopped on board.

When the pandemic hit and the world seemed a little gloomy, one family in Texas decided it was time to bring some much-needed fun and excitement into their lives.

Mariano and Esmeralda Rendon, like many others, found themselves searching for creative ways to have a blast right in their own backyard.

Little did they know that their train track dream would blossom into an incredible adventure that would captivate not only their grandchildren but also their furry companions.

A Train Track Dream

german shepherds enjoy riding in the trailer
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Mariano and Esmeralda Rendon both loved trains, dogs, and their wonderful grandchildren. 

And so, they dreamed of creating a magical train track where all of these elements could come together in a joyful explosion of fun!

They thought, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could bring together our love for trains, our furry friends, and the joy of our grandchildren?”

And that’s when the incredible train track adventure began!

Crafting The Perfect Ride

german shepherds enjoy playing in the park
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Mariano, armed with passion and determination, started to work on a remarkable project.

He rolled up his sleeves and transformed their backyard into a thrilling train track adventure. Using his creative genius, he meticulously constructed a track that stretched a whopping 1,000 feet! 

That’s longer than ten school buses lined up together. Can you imagine the excitement his grandchildren felft?

Wagging Tails On Salsa Tracks

german shepherds in a trailer are driving
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Their neighbors called the train track “Salsa Tracks” because it was so cool and exciting.

The train cars that ran on the track were big enough for kids and dogs to ride. Guess what? Rendon family’s lovely German Shepherds, Abrams and Bradley, absolutely loved it!

These energetic pups couldn’t resist the beauty of the train track and eagerly hopped on board.

Their wagging tails and joyful barks echoed through the neighborhood as they went on exciting train rides.

And sometimes, they would even take naps on the train because they liked it so much!

The Grand Expansion Plan

a German shepherd is standing on a cart
Source: Facebook

Mariano’s dreams of creating the ultimate train track adventure didn’t stop there.

Fueled by the happiness it brought to his family and the dcesire to spread that joy even further, he set his sights on an ambitious expansion.

The train track was about to get even bigger and better, with a special section called “Corona Pass” in honor of the time he dedicated to the project during the pandemic.

It was actually a tribute to overcoming challenges and finding happiness in the midst of difficult times!

With this ambitious expansion, Mariano eagerly awaited the arrival of his grandchildren and doggos to experience the magic for themselves.

Join The Backyard Railroading Fun

german shepherds lie in a cart
Source: Facebook

Are you ready to be a part of this incredible adventure?

You can join in the excitement by visiting the Backyard Railroading Facebook group, where you’ll find updates, photos, and stories from the marvelous world of Salsa Tracks.

Share your love for trains, dogs, and the pure joy of having a blast together with fellow train enthusiasts and paw lovers.

So, whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, don’t miss your chance to hop aboard the doggy train on Salsa Tracks!

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