‘The World’s Loneliest Dog’ Becomes A Movie Star Along With Sir Anthony Hopkins

The ‘world’s loneliest dog’ is getting a fairy-tale ending after six years in a shelter.

There was a time when this former shelter dog named Freya couldn’t find someone to talk to. She now joyfully spends her days working beside some of Hollywood’s top stars.

And soon she’ll be one, too.

Freya, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was found as a stray as a puppy and sent to Freshfields Animal Rescue in England. For six years, she waited and watched as adopters came and went, but no one wanted to take her in.

During that time, Freya was alleged to have been passed over by 18,720 pet-seekers, earning her the sad label of “world’s loneliest dog.”


But suddenly everything changed.

Director Michael Bay believed the lonely dog had been disregarded for far too long after reading an article about Freya’s terrible situation earlier this year. Bay said on Twitter that he has cast Freya in a planned sequel to his “Transformers” film franchise.

Details have been limited since then, but we now have a behind-the-scenes shot with Freya on set with her co-star, Anthony Hopkins.

In the Paramount Pictures footage below, Bay is heard remarking, “Freya’s doing an excellent job acting.”

click to play video:

Freya now has something better than celebrity.
In July, the sweet dog finally received what she dearly needed: a loving family to call her own.

“Every dog deserves a home,” rescuers wrote on her behalf online. “I really want to thank everyone who helped make this possible for me.”

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