The owner of an animal lover has built a robot to pick up animals because he loves his puppy, waiting to die in the sewer for 2 days in a row

An engineer in New Delhi has just used his crafting skills to “build” a drone that grows to grab an animal, to rescue a puppy stuck in a deep sewer. Milind Raj – this engineer’s real name – was walking in the streets of New Delhi when he suddenly heard an unusual noise, finally he found it was a puppy stuck in a wet sewer. , full of garbage between 2 streets. People around even said that they have heard its cry for help since 2 days, but partly because they are afraid of dirty sewers, they just ignore it. “Humans can’t even save this dog if they don’t accept the risk and danger to themselves,” even Raj admits when he sees how dirty the sewer is.

Raj decided to save the dog himself, but thinking that “there is no way to save it without endangering me,” so he immediately started building a drone that could save the dog. Originally an engineer working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, after only a few hours, Raj built a robotic arm to fit under a 6-rotor drone, also made by himself. 2 years ago. The robotic arm is equipped with sensors to monitor the heart rate and breathing rate to monitor the dog’s health. “The AI ​​helps me monitor its heart rate. If the robotic arm squeezes too tightly, the dog will suffocate,” he explains why he has these on his robotic arm. Once done, he returned to the dog’s place. Since he was exhausted and didn’t react much, Raj easily grabbed the dog with his robotic arm. In the video above, you can see the drone lifting the dog out of the sewer. After rescuing the dog, Raj decided to adopt it and named him Lifted. Many thought it might as well have been just a self-promotion, and doubted why no one thought of using a ladder or net to save the dog, but at least this was a happy ending and was It was reported on New Delhi TV channel.

Tự chế robot gắp thú vì quá thương cún con nằm chờ chết dưới ống cống 2 ngày

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