The owner buried his old dog alive because it was useless

The owner buried his old dog alive because it was useless.

A cruel man decided he didn’t need his dog anymore because it was old and useless, and instead of finding it a new home or giving it to a shelter, he went into the forest and buried it alive.

A rescue team in Spain received a report of an injured dog, they got into their cars and drove to the scene. That’s when they saw a dog they called Titan. The poor man’s head came out of the ground. The rest was buried underneath.

The volunteers have seen many, but this time they were afraid. Who would leave a dog like that? Titan was about 12 years old. He was supposed to live out his golden years being spoiled and loved, but he was brutally abandoned in such a way that he could never escape without help.

Rescuers devised a plan to get the dog out without causing further damage.

It wasn’t easy, and judging by the expression on the Titan’s face, he was petrified. They got a blanket out of the car and started digging him out. They assured him that everything would be okay.

It took time and a lot of patience, but the Titan was finally released. They took him to the emergency room. He was emaciated, dehydrated and injured. He had a severe injury to his abdomen.

The veterinarians immediately went to work. They gave Titan fluids and painkillers. He was very brave.

The adorable dog was finally able to rest. They monitored him 24 hours a day. After a few days, Titan’s condition improved slightly. The medical team was very happy with his progress!

They said they could find him a home and he could leave the veterinary clinic soon!

Titan now lives in a nursing home for the elderly. He has overcome his injuries, but as an adult, he still needs a lot of attention. He will spend the rest of his life safe and happy.


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