The man discreetly recorded the poor puppy with its head stuck in a plastic bottle, and everyone was shocked by the shocking conclusion.

The man secretly filmed the poor dog whose head was stuck in a plastic bottle and the ending surprised everyone

A man named Vivek Chevvakula made it his point to help dogs with plastic bottles stuck on their heads.

Man Sneaks Up On Dog Whose Head Is Stuck In A Plastic Bottle

It happens so usually, he has rescued over 25 dogs already! It could all be avoided if people took a few moments to crush their plastic containers so that hungry strays would not go putting their heads inside looking for food …

Dog with Plastic Bottle Stuck on Head! – Karuna Society for Animals and  Nature

The hardest part of these saves is the initial panic when coming close to these helpless canines. They’re already nervous and can’t see what’s going on, so it’s a race to get it done as quickly as possible.

Dog with Plastic Bottle Stuck on Head! – Karuna Society for Animals and  Nature

But there’s no better feeling on the planet than setting them totally free, according to Vivek. “When I remove the bottle from the dog’s head, it makes me really feel the happiest.”

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