The extraordinary journey of an old dog who was hit by a car and how he overcame adversity with steadfast determination and the sincere support of his community. – BuzzOverDose

The extraordinary journey of an old dog who was hit by a car and how he overcame adversity with steadfast determination and the sincere support of his community.

It was a typical day when the unexpected happened to Berry, an elderly dog estimated to be around 8 years old. As his owner took a rest, a friend called to inform them that a dog had been hit by a car nearby. Rushing to the scene, they found Berry covered in blood and lying next to the road. The person who saw the incident reported that a car had hit Berry and then drove off.



With no time to waste, they immediately took him to the vet, where he received antibiotics, painkillers, and an IV. It was apparent that his front leg was broken, but they hoped there were no internal injuries. Berry’s fate was uncertain, but he didn’t give up. The community rallied around him, and he made it through the night.

Day by day, Berry’s condition slowly improved. The community named him and watched over him as he continued to fight for his life. An x-ray revealed that his front paw was shattered, and he had a bullet in his neck, most likely from being shot by hunters. Despite everything he had been through, Berry remained a fighter and slowly recovered.


After 60 days of care and attention from the community, Berry was finally ready for a new home. The community appealed for someone to adopt him, someone who would appreciate the company of an older dog and give him a loving forever home. Though Berry was still scared of human touch, he was great with all dogs and loved to be petted.

In the end, it was a happy ending for Berry. His fighting spirit and the kindness of the community gave him a second chance at life. And while he may have been a victim of cruelty and neglect, Berry’s story reminds us that there is still hope for humanity and that kindness can go a long way in making a difference.

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