The dog waίted for its owner for 6 months ίn the cold wίnter, hoping to be reunited

According to the newspaper  The Siberian Times , many people living in the village of Mametkino (Novosibirsk city, Russia) saw a dog left by its owner at a bus stop 6 months ago. This dog then lay still at the bus stop as if waiting for his owner to come back to pick him up and always showed a happy attitude when he saw the gray cars, the same type of car as the one that the dog’s owner had. drove, passed.


Chú chó đợi chủ suốt 6 tháng giữa trời lạnh âm 30 độ khiến dân mạng cảm động - Ảnh 1.


It is a loyal dog. He always chases gray cars hoping it’s his owner’s car,” said Sabyrgali Baysagurov, who lives near the bus stop where the dog was left. Baysagurov himself also tried to reach out to take the dog home, but the dog refused to follow him.

The appearance of the dog became familiar to the locals, so they named the bitch Hachiko, after the famous Japanese loyal dog that had been waiting for its owner for 9 years. at a train station.

Many locals have also tried to bring the dog home to take care of, but the dog always refuses to follow them, so locals also often bring food for this dog.

Last fall, when the weather started to turn cold, many locals built a cage for the dog, but the dog still just lay in the haystack outside the bus stop to keep an eye on the cars. Run on the road and chase the white cars.

Chú chó đợi chủ suốt 6 tháng giữa trời lạnh âm 30 độ khiến dân mạng cảm động - Ảnh 2.

Despite the cold weather, the dog still did not leave the place where he was abandoned to wait for the owner to return


In recent weeks, when the winter weather has turned colder and at times the outdoor temperature has dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius, causing the food that people bring to the dog to freeze, but Hachiko patiently waited for his master at the bus stop where he had been abandoned.

“The temperature was freezing, but the dog persisted, waiting for its owner,” Sabyrgali Baysagurov said.

Finally, a Novosibirsk animal rescue group went to the bus stop where Hachiko was standing to find a way to rescue him from the danger that this dog could die of cold.

“We were informed about the dog and immediately set out to rescue the dog,” said Alexey, a volunteer with the animal rescue team. “The dog doesn’t trust us and doesn’t want to come near us.”

“We tried many ways and a colleague of mine was able to reach out and get the dog into the car. We warmed the dog up and he became friendlier,” added Alexey.

Chú chó đợi chủ suốt 6 tháng giữa trời lạnh âm 30 độ khiến dân mạng cảm động - Ảnh 3.


Now Hachiko has been taken home by Irina, a member of the animal rescue team, and says the dog has settled into a new family.

The story of the Russian Hachiko dog quickly went viral after being shared on social media. Many netizens have expressed admiration for this dog’s loyalty.

“What a loyal dog. Why would anyone want to leave such a beautiful and loyal dog?”, one netizen commented.

“Thực sự cảm động với tấm lòng của chú chó dành cho chủ. Thật may mắn vì cuối cùng chú chó cũng có được một gia đình xứng đáng hơn với mình”, một người dùng mạng xã hội khác chia sẻ.

“Những chú chó thật tuyệt vời và có đôi khi, chúng ta không xứng đáng với chúng”, một người khác cho biết.

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