The dog offered to help the young owner escape his mother’s reprimand.

Dogs are both our and our kids’ best buddies. They even form great bonds with the kids. Could you image a dog willing to join his 3-year-old friend through timeout to keep him company? We’ll go through good and bad times together since we’re real friends. Play together and also stand by each other when one is reprimanded by parents.

When an Ohio mother wants her son to go in timeout to reflect on his undesirable conduct, she never expected the family’s dog to join his dog owner.

After Peyton, a three-year-old boy, got into a disagreement with his five-year-old sister Ryleigh and smacked her, his mother, Jillian Marie Smith, felt he needed to be placed on timeout. She offered Peyton two choices: remain in his room or take a timeout. The little boy opted for the latter.

But then something fantastic occurred. Dash, the family’s dog, came over to join the boy during his timeout, according to Good Morning America (GMA). Dash stood next to Peyton, and the little boy wrapped his arm around his friend. Dash just didn’t want his boy to be alone.

Smith happened to observe this touching scenario and snapped a photo.

“I just happened to have my phone with me at the time he was in timeout and took the picture,” she said to GMA.

She then shared the photo on her Facebook page, captioning it, “When you’re in time out but your best friend won’t [sic] let you serve your time alone.”

Smith speculated that their English mastiff dog may have sensed Peyton’s loneliness.

“I couldn’t stay mad for long because it was just so cute how Peyton wrapped his arm around Dash,” Smith said to The Dodo. “When Peyton had to go to time-out, I think Dash knew he needed his buddy.”

Dash was not the only one who joined his closest friend in timeout. Many pet owners responded on Smith’s photo, which has since been shared over 51,000 times, saying that their dogs do the same thing.

“I have a little Beagle that won’t let my single 8-year-old [sic] twin do time out alone,” one person commented.

Another person shared that their pit bull does the same thing when they have their kids stand in the corner, with the exception that the dog faces the wall with them; “it’s the most adorable thing ever, dogs are so sweet!” The social media user continued.

Dash has been at Peyton’s side since the little boy was three months old, according to Smith, who talked to the Chinese version of The Epoch Times. Since then, the furry friend has provided a lot of pleasure to the family, particularly to Peyton.

Every time Peyton needed to leave somewhere, the boy would say to Dash, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” Don’t be depressed.” And when he returned, Peyton would quickly notify his closest friend, saying, “Bro, I’m back! “I really miss you!”

Smith, of Norfolk, told TODAY Parents that her son enjoys playing dress-up with their 230-pound (104-kilogram) “gentle giant,” Dash.

“Peyton dresses up Dash in superhero costumes and they act out fight scenes,” Smith said. “I don’t think Dash understands what’s going on, but he lets Peyton do whatever he wants.”

Smith went on to say that Peyton and Dash are “always together.” When she can’t locate her son, she just searches for their dog’s whereabouts.

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