The dog suffered through nine years of emotional anguish, grappling with a massive tumor and enduring persistent pain.

Fortunately, his life was saved by rescuers and a veterinarian. The dog’s name is Hattie. He ended up in a shelter because of his negligent owners, who, knowing the animal had a problem, ignored the dog and did nothing. According to the Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform, this was one of the worst cases they had ever encountered. The dog was taken to Dr. Ranch, who said it was the first time he had seen such a tumor in a dog of this breed.

He compared the tumor to a bowling ball. The doctor noticed that the dog was in an unbalanced state due to his illness. Dr. Kerry was nervous and excited before the dog’s surgery. The tumor weighed 15 pounds. Fortunately, the operation was successful and the dog came out of the operating room completely changed.

Although some problems occurred during the recovery, but the dog overcame all this and was adopted into a foster family, thanks to the rescuers, he ended up in a perfect family.

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