Dream of a happy family: The dog sits beside the family fence, crying inconsolably as its owner heartlessly abandons it.

Meet Precciosa! Her journey has touched the hearts of countless individuals and moved them to tears.

More than a month back, she faced an eviction from her apartment complex. The owner went to the extent of physically attacking her and abandoning her on the street. To add to her misery, the weather was freezing, and she had to rely on the kindness of strangers for survival. Her heart ached as she kept looking back at her former home. To make matters worse, she had to scavenge for food in narrow lanes and alleyways of the small town she was stranded in.

While on a hike, she endured a harsh beating that left her with a fractured thigh. She was unable to walk and had to rely on dragging herself down the street. The exhaustion was so overwhelming that she had to use a fence for support.

Paws Show reported that Preciosa was taken to the Vet with high hopes and prayers. After spending two days there, she was operated on and is now recovering well. The surgery has greatly improved her ability to walk and communicate.

After a fortnight, Preciosa decided to take a stroll. She’s following the Doctor’s orders and making slow movements. Thankfully, her wound has healed and she underwent a thorough evaluation for any remaining injuries.

After a month, Preciosa had completely recuperated and was in good spirits. She exuded kindness and was an absolute delight to be around. Thanks to the sponsor’s assistance, she gained some weight and transformed into a truly gorgeous young lady.

Preciosa is on the lookout for a new abode. Here’s to hoping that she crosses paths with individuals who genuinely appreciate her. Grateful to all

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