The dog, buried up to her neck, cried out in agony, pleading for assistance to free her and her dying puppies, who were imprisoned beneath the earth. – BuzzOverDose

The dog, buried up to her neck, cried out in agony, pleading for assistance to free her and her dying puppies, who were imprisoned beneath the earth.

The puppies were buried as loose earth slid, but their mother yelled for aid at the top of her lungs.

Soner Büyümez, a veterinarian working on a distant farm in Turkey, couldn’t ignore a sound in the distance earlier this week. It sounded desperate, like a plea for assistance.

“I raced immediately to the area,” Büyümez told The Dodo. “A landslide occurred. I observed a dog that was stuck in the earth. “Only her head remained [above ground].”

The dog was in a lot of agony. But, as Büyümez would soon realize, she was concerned with more than just her own life.

“When I first saw her, it was quite sad,” Büyümez remarked.

He understood he had to take action. Büyümez grabbed a shovel and started digging right away.

As Büyümez lifted the earth that was enclosing the dog, he heard another sound. The sound was weak yet clear.

“I heard puppy cries,” Büyümez stated. “They were under the ground.”

In order to safeguard her young, Büyümez began digging again once the first dog was safely removed.

Much to their mother’s relief, Büyümez rescued seven puppies who had been buried alive after their subterranean tunnel fell in.

Because of Büyümez’s fast thinking, the furry family was now safe and sound.

Büyümez believes the mother dog was a stray who was forced to fend for herself in such a dire circumstance. She and her children, however, will no longer be alone.

“Their general condition is outstanding.” “The mother and her puppies were safe,” Büyümez stated. “I’ll take care of them as if they were my own.”



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