The adorable Golden Retrievers posed together in a photo, joyfully announcing the upcoming arrival of their puppies.

Pregnancy isn’t quite the private family moment it once was. In the age of social media, sharing every step of the pregnancy journey has become more and more common. This has led to a huge surge in pregnancy activities, from baby bump photo shoots to gender reveals and more. While some people think it’s a bit over the top, most people love all kinds of baby news.

If pregnancy announcement photos are heartwarming coming from humans, they’re too cute for words coming from dogs. The Kentucky-based breeders at Waterfront Golden Retrievers recognized the potential and decided to stage a pregnancy announcement with two of their beautiful dogs.

The doggos are named Hopper and Zu. The sweet golden retrievers posed together in front of a letter board that reads “we’re expecting!” Their special news raked in over 50,000 likes.

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Pregnancy announcements have become a really big deal. Many people like to think of fun and creative ways to share their news with family and friends.

The people at Waterfront Golden Retrievers decided to get in on the fun of pregnancy announcements. When they found out that their dogs were expecting a new litter, they decided to stage a pregnancy announcement photo shoot.

These two adorable golden retrievers are Hopper and Zu. They posed perfectly to announce their upcoming new litter to the world.

Of course, the letter board pregnancy announcement was a big hit. It’s gotten over 50,000 likes to date.

Next up, the breeders posed a gender reveal. They also announced that Hopper and Zu were expecting eight pups.

When the big day came, they actually ended up with a bonus pup! Zu gave birth to four girls and five boys, surprising everyone with her ninth baby.

The proud parents were a little jealous of all the love their puppies were getting. They still seemed pretty happy, though. How could they not be with these adorable babies?

Their awkward family photo was another precious win. It’s clear that mom and dad don’t play around when it comes to their puppies.

The puppies are absolutely adorable. They were all spoken for before they were even born.

Waterfront Golden Retrievers shared a lot of videos of the playful puppies. At just two weeks, they already had so much personality.

At three weeks, the little guys and girls were given names. The breeders made sure to snap tons of photos as the puppies got older.

The little ones got to spend some time outside when they were around 4 weeks old. They looked so sweet rolling around in the grass!

The puppies are growing fast! They’re almost ready to head to their forever homes, where they’ll be showered with love.

Their first few weeks of life have been so fun to watch. From the perfect pregnancy announcement to the adorable gender reveal and the precious birth photos, these puppies have had quite an an adorable journey.


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