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Tears of a Dog That Collapsed in The Cold Snow for Days, Being Attacked by Parasites



The small, innocent dog lay on the cold snow, his body trembling with pain and fear. Lunka was only a year old, and he had no idea why he had been subjected to such cruelty. He lay there, sobbing and completely unable to move, his tiny body covered in bruises and sores. Maggots had begun to appear, feeding on his weak and lifeless body.

They scooped him up into their arms, wrapped him in an old coat, and prayed to God to save his life. They begged Lunka to hold on just a little longer, to endure the pain until morning.


Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Lunka underwent a long period of treatment, and he worked tirelessly to recover. But despite the unbearable difficulty and pain, he never gave up. Finally, after 150 long days, Lunka was able to run and jump on his own two feet.

He had overcome the odds, and he had proven that with a little love and care, even the smallest and weakest of creatures can rise above their circumstances. He was a survivor, and he would never forget the kindness and compassion that had saved his life.


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