Sweet Gentle Boy Found dog Dying by the Side of the Road – It is Believed He Was Dumped

His name is “Kaow”. This beautiful, gentle, friendly boy was found barely able to move in a bush next to a main road in Cha Am, Thailand by a local rescuer – Oranuch. It is believed Kaow was dumped in the area and unable to survive or find food. As a result, his body was shutting down, he had lost all strength & very close to losing his life.

On seeing his condition Oranuch immediately took him to the local vet who diagnosed a very low red blood cell count and severe dehydration & the vet told her if she had not found him, in a very short time he would have died from heat stroke.

Kaow will need ongoing treatment for his skin condition, and lots of good quality food & supplements to enable him to gain weight to get back to good health. Kaow has not one aggressive bone in his body.

When strangers picked him up he was so gentle & seem to know he was being helped. After a few weeks of vet treatment, Kaow has been given his life back. He’s a beautiful, smiley boy. Thank you to everyone who helped Kaow. Your donations changed his life.


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