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Stray Walks Into Shelter On Her Own And Finally Feels Safe Enough To Sleep

It was, like any regular day at the Humane Society International of India when a sick stray wandered in all by herself and found a cozy spot on a couch to take a nap. It felt almost as if destiny had guided her to the place. She seemed at ease and peaceful that the staff might not have even noticed her presence if it weren’t for the odor.
The office workers promptly offered her food and water. Gave her the name Fairy. However the dog got startled. Darted off. Surprisingly she returned the day. This time the staff was prepared.
They made sure to secure the door to prevent Fairy from escaping. They provided her with nourishment, hydration. Made arrangements to take her to see a vet. With severe mange leaving her bald she appeared frightened but somehow sensed that this was where she could find help.
The veterinarian promptly treated her for mange revealing no health issues! However tests indicated that she had been suffering from mange for a period enduring months without anyone extending a helping hand.
Despite experiencing pain and bearing an appearance due, to mange Fairy displayed friendliness and gratitude towards those who were trying their best to assist her.
She longed for love, care and attention above all else.
Fairy placed her trust in the volunteers allowing them to give her baths every week. Over time she transformed into a dog.
After six months of care Fairy finally recovered fully! Although a family showed interest, in adopting her after three months the rescuers decided to wait until she was entirely healthy before sending her to her home. There was never any doubt that Fairy would become a pet for a family in the future! 🙂
Fairy is now flourishing in her home with space to frolic and play. Despite a beginning she is now living her life thanks to her instincts and the dedicated staff, at HSI.


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