Stray Dog Hit By Car Is paralyzed, But Rescuers Get Him Backon His Feet.

Dogs left to fend for themselves on the streets of any major city have a hard go.

Constantly forced to fight for survival from the elements and starvation, along the way, they also have to keep their wits about them to dodge unfriendly humans and massive, speeding cars. It’s unclear how long Georgie had been on the streets before his rescuers came along, but ultimately, a hit-and-run ended up saving his life.

When some Good Samaritans called the hotline for Animal Aid Unlimited, a local rescue in Udaipur, India, they told them that the sweet dog had been struck by a car.

They quickly scrambled to get to him, knowing that timing is everything in these cases. They arrived and found him sitting there dejected and helpless.

The rescue wrote, “It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes, when nerve damage is caught early and intensive treatment and physical therapy is started right away, there can be reason to hope.”

Ever the skilled rescuers, the volunteers took a few moments to gain Georgie’s trust. Though he feebly scrambled away and under a nearby truck, they worked to gently nudge him into a position where they could whisk him off to safety.

once the doctors at Animal Aid’s hospital assessed his injuries, they began a months-long rehabilitation process. They gave him plenty of time to rest and worked on his muscles and nerves, all with the hope that one day he could walk again.

And look at Georgie now, after all those months of hard work!

He’ll never be the same as he was before the car struck him that day, but he’s beat everyone’s greatest expectations, thanks to these compassionate and dedicated volunteers.

What’s more, he can even run! Watch all of Georgie’s heartwarming story below and share to spread thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited and all the other rescue organizations that help get our four-legged friends back on their feet.

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