Starving Puppy Found In One Of ‘Worst Conditions’ Shelter Has Ever Seen

A 4-month-old puppy was recently found in “one of the worst conditions” a shelter has ever seen, reported Seven News Melbourne. Davey, as Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc. named the pup, was found starving and with broken bones. His bones were so brittle from malnourishment that being kicked by his abusers had completely broken the poor pup’s leg.

Facebook/Second Chance Rescue Inc.

Poor Davey is so young, which essentially means that his entire life so far has been filled with sadness and abuse. No one deserves that, especially a tiny, harmless puppy. Davey wasn’t expected to survive — but this puppy proved that he is an incredible fighter.

The volunteers taking care of Davey have had to feed him in small amounts, nine times a day — rather than regular amounts, fewer times a day — because he is so eager for food that he scarfs it down too quickly. Clearly, Davey knows he is the underdog and is trying his best to do everything that he can to recover. For such a little guy, he sure has a lot of determination.

Facebook/Second Chance Rescue Inc.

It is absolutely awful that we have to see so many terrible cases of abuse, such as the famed Caitlyn, who had her mouth taped shut. None of these animals deserve it, and the shelters need our help to raise awareness so that these kinds of things stop happening altogether.

Little Davey is going to need surgery to fix his leg, but the price tag is steep: $2,000 to $4,000. The shelter is currently trying to raise the money, and it needs a little help. To donate to the cause, check out Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc. on Facebook to help make a difference in Davey’s life.


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