Shelter Worker Climbs Into Kennel To Comfort An Abandoned Dog


For many animal shelter workers, helping pets in need isn’t merely a job – it’s a calling. And here’s video to prove it.

Up until just recently, this pup named Prissy was living the sad life of a lonely dog, having been found abandoned without a friend in the world … but then that all changed. Fortunately, she was rescued and brought to the Conway Area Humane Society, in New Hampshire, where she soon learned what it means to be loved.

On Friday, shelter manager Debra Cameron was about to pay a visit to Prissy’s kennel, to see how she was doing following surgery to be spayed, when she happened upon the sweetest scene. There, laying on the floor alongside the tired dog, was Cameron’s colleague Chrissy Ireland – comforting Prissy with the warmth of her company.

For some folks, shelters might seem like the very worst spot for an animal to end up, which might make them think abandoning their pets is a better option if they can no longer care for them. But thanks to the open hearts of shelter workers like Ireland, there, at least, they have hope.

“We offer a safe, loving environment,” Cameron told The Dodo. “So many animal lovers are stuck on the idea that all shelters are sad places and that anyone who surrenders an animal has done an awful thing, but that is far from the truth for many wonderful shelters throughout the country. They are staffed by experienced, caring, compassionate people who go above and beyond to make sure the animals in their care live enriched, happy, healthy lives in the shelter until a new home can be found.”

To learn how you can help needy pets in your area, visit your local animal shelter.

Written by Jone Dark

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