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The Only Pup Left in the Shelter Plays With Her ‘Imaginary Friends’

The Only Pup In Shelter Who Didn’t Get Adopted Plays With Her ‘Imaginary Friends’

Every shelter pup dreams of finding a loving home and a family who will cherish them unconditionally. They can’t be truly happy until this dream comes true. To help more shelter pups find their forever homes, the Metro East Humane Society organizes an annual adoption event on Black Friday, with sponsors generously covering the adoption fees.

This year’s event was the most successful yet, with 94 animals, including 64 dogs, finding loving families. While the shelter staff celebrated the joyous matches, one sweet pup, Frito, was left standing alone.

Realizing that Frito, one of their cherished residents, had been overlooked was heartbreaking for the staff. “She is a very lovely and deserving girl, so it was a shame that she was overlooked and no one came forward for her. We all know how special Frito is, so to see so many people pass her by was upsetting,” said Ali Hillard, the program manager, to The sitting still

Returning to the shelter in Madison County, Illinois, Frito sensed the silence and the absence of her friends. Her sadness was evident as she looked around, realizing she was the only one left. The staff, determined to reassure her, held her face, cuddled her, and kissed her goodnight, promising that everything would be next to the christmas tree

The next day, Frito showed remarkable resilience. Despite having no one to play with, she ran around the yard joyfully, playing with her stuffed animals and ‘imaginary friends,’ as described in a TikTok video shared by the shelter staff. Her cheerful demeanor and playful spirit shone running outdoors

The shelter staff remains hopeful that Frito will soon find her forever family. “Frito is really not a picky girl. Her ideal forever home would be any home looking for a dog that is a healthy mix of both sweet and cuddly while also being super silly and playful,” Hillard playing with toys

Recently, Frito moved to a foster home, where she is finally experiencing the warmth and comfort of a home. The shelter staff and her new foster family are all rooting for Frito to find her forever home soon. This wonderful pup deserves to be boundlessly loved and adored.

If you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family, consider adopting a shelter dog. You might just find your perfect match and give a deserving dog like Frito a chance at a happy life.

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